San Diego Comic Fest 2016!!

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SD Comic Fest Thanks to a generous invitation by the folks over at Steve Jackson Games; Big Bully Gaming will be joining them at the San Diego Comic Fest Feb 12-14!  Myself and Big Bully Jr, will be there all day Saturday and Sunday in the Gamers Room. I will have some of all my product lines and even debuting a item!  Come on by and say hi! Register, buy tickets, and get more information here:...

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HeroClix – Character Size Errata

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On the eve of WizKids latest expansion Superman / Wonder Woman being released, they have issued a rule change regarding character sizes/abilities.  The portion that was released today is apparently part of new rulebook that is in the works, “As we work towards completing a new rulebook and PAC…”. Today’s release is especially releveant as each brick of Superman / Wonder Woman is coming with a Super Booster, that contains one colossal character.  (I...

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Superman/Wonder Woman UNBOXING!!

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I was thrilled to be asked to be involved in the Pre-Release event held at SoCal Games and Comics in Temecula, CA.  These videos include, myself, Mathias Lewis of SoCal Games and Comics and Speek Geeky To Me, and Tony Croupe leader of the Knights of Good on the WES. We opened two bricks, and honestly I am REALLY excited about this set.  Not only do we have the Chase figures from Superman: Red Son (which is awesome), we are seeing a great mix of low point support/minion type...

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$60,000 worth of MTG cards lost…and returned.

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This is an amazing story.  I tend to be a cynic when it comes to humanity as a whole; but this is amazing. So during NYCC Tom Grayson lost his (absolutly amazing) binder of MTG cards.  The binder contained most of Power Nine, and other very high value cards.  The value of the binder was said to be around $60,000.  Lucky for Tom, an young man named Andrew found the binder, and posted on Reddit about it.  Original post here: Reddit Long story short, the Reddit post finally...

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Jury Duty

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I begin Jury Duty tomorrow /groan.  I will endeavor to return all emails once I am released for the day.  If you have an order already in the que, there may be a slightly longer processing time.  My appologies for any delay.  With any luck this will only be a one day thing!   Thank you for understanding!   Big Bully

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Superman and Wonder Woman Sneak Peak!!

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I am not sure how the folks over at Geek and Sundry managed to get their hands on a box so early, but man am I am jealous!!!  I came across these images of the live stream opening via the awesome duo of Amber and Jason over and Married with Clix.  So for now check out the sneak peak pics. (L to R) Superman/Batman Robot Superman Wonder Woman (L to R) Red Tornado Huntress Power Girl (L to R) Earth 2 Superman Ulysses Superman Blue My first thought, when I saw Superman Blue...

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Exploding Kittens!

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Yes, you read that correctly.  Exploding Kittens.  According to their website it is a game “…for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.”  So naturally, I bought it. The funding for this game on Kickstarter set records that I am sure will not be broken for some time to come.  By the time the campaign ended, there were 219,382 backers to project.  That is more than DOUBLE the previous record of 105,857 backers, held...

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Token and Accessory Storage

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There are as many ways to store your accessories as there are…well…accessories. I mean think about it. We have dice bags, deck boxes, foam lined cases for Orc armies, and tubes for your play mats. So why do so many of us show up to play with all our pieces stored like this: A couple things before I continue. 1) Yes, those are Big Bully Gaming Action Tokens in the bag. 2) No, they are not my personal tokens. 3) They belong to a buddy I play with regularly, and...

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