Terms and Conditions

Ohhh…the painful legalese.  There is no real way to write this stuff without sounding like a jerk.  (I am not…really…ask anyone).  However, the more nefarious and annoying the human race becomes, the more we have to spell out the rules.

Here it goes:

  • Payment is only accepted via PayPal.  No personal checks, money orders, Cashier Checks, Western Union, or Money Gram.  Cash…cash will always be gladly accepted, if you are local to Southern California, come pick up your order.  I would love to meet you.
  • Taxes: (Ugh), yes taxes will be applied to orders within California.  Those glory days of no-tax internet sales are sadly over.
  • Shipping: Yes, shipping/handling will be added to your order.  It may seem expensive, but some of these items are heavy for their size.  The tokens weigh between 11.5 to 14 grams each.  Include bag/box and, bubble wrap and they are heavier than they look.  I want them to reach you in the pristine condition to which they were mailed to you. Remember the opening scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective? Ya, I do too, so extra bubble wrap is always a good idea.  Wait…? Are you one of the six people on the planet that have no idea what I am talking about?  Ok…Click here and be enlightened.
  • Custom Orders:  I sincerely LOVE custom orders; it allows me to work with subjects I might not ever think of.  However, custom = time, and as we all know time = money.  Custom orders will be subject to an $10 (minimum) set up feet.  I spend a tremendous amount of time searching for, creating, and editing the graphics I use.  Not every image is suitable, either because of color, content, resolution, size or shape.  Additionally, most custom orders are a reflection of you…the customer; and you are unique.  Therefore, it becomes very difficult to market your very unique tokens to others.
  • Returns: Returns will be accepted only in certain cases
    • Delivery damage, (Ace Ventura, remember?), and you must make and forward me a formal claim with the USPS.
    • Manufacturing Defects or Incorrect Assembly.  I take copious notes on every order, and am very methodical during assembly, but…stuff happens.
  • I reserve the right to either issue a refund or replace the items in question, at my sole discretion. 
  • Complaining to Helga about any of the above (or anything else for that matter),  will not help, trust me.