Custom Order Information

I sincerely LOVE custom orders; they push me to work with subjects I might not ever think of; and even increase my skill set along the way. Before ordering, there are a few things that you (the wonderful, and outstanding customer) should to be aware.

At Big Bully Gaming Accessories “Custom” is defined as any design we have not yet produced. Simply mixing and matching from existing designs is not custom.  So knock yourself out!

Not all images are created equal- Resolution, shape, content, color, and composition all come in to play when an image is selected. There are many images I love, that I just cannot use for one reason or another.

Text- Total size of the printable surface we are working with is 1.25”. Logo’s and text are fine, but it has to be kept to a minimum. If not, it will be have to be shrunk so small, you will need a magnifying glass to read it. (Then again, I am almost at that point now #oldguyproblems).

Selecting your own images- Yes! Please do. But as noted above, they may not work. Sending images gives me a frame of reference as to what you like. If you simply say “I want a Spider-Man set.” It is just not enough information, I will need to follow up with 10 more questions. If you say the same thing, and send me 3 images. BOOM! We are on the way! I know exactly what is on your mind.

Lastly…(yes you knew this was coming)

Time- Time = money. Custom orders will be subject to a $10 (minimum) set up fee. That fee must be paid prior to any work being started and it is non-refundable.  You will get digital proofs of the work prior to printing for your approval before final payment is due (more on that below).   I spend a tremendous amount of time searching for, creating, and editing the graphics I use. Additionally, most custom orders are a reflection of you…the customer; and you are unique. So with that in mind, custom designs are usually not marketable to other players.

Note: Prices and times that are refered to throughout this section, are for one, six (6) piece set that consists of: One (1) image for “back” of the set, and six (6) different images for the “front” of the set.  The set can of course be larger, and all the images can be different.  However, the time estimate and pricing will change accordingly.

Are you still here?  Really??  Awesome!  The fun stuff is next.

Information needed-  Once you have decided that you want a custom set made just for you, I need some details.  Subject- Team, Hero, your dog…whatever.  Set size- How many tokens.  Token color- 9 colors all the time, with 10 on occasion.  Image samples- Send me some images of your subject that you like.

Process-  After the Setup fee is received, and the information about your set is finalized, work can begin.  Once I have the set to my liking, I will email or message you a digital proof set.  This is your opportunity to make changes and adjustments to the design ideas, and my image selection.  Simply let me know what you want changed, and I will do my best to accommodate you; then I will send you another set of proofs.  Once you are happy, and you give your approval, your design will go to print right away.  Yes, I mean right away.  With my print method, and the water resistant treatment, the dry times are…long.  So look over the images carefully, I sincerely want you to be happy with your tokens.  However, I will not reprint for any reason other than assembly errors after approval is given.  From final approval to outgoing mail is usually 48 to 72 hours.

Time-  Currently, custom orders take a week to a week and a half for design time.  That means 7-10 days, from the time I get all the information, and the Set-up fee; to the time you get the first set of proofs.  Although this is subject to change, depending on workload, and the complexity/size of your order.  I will give each order a better individual estimate as the order is placed.

If you have any questions shoot an email to the Big Dog himself HERE!