Gen Con 2023

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Big Bully Fans! It’s Gen Con time again! I am working today and tomorrow to get everything currently ordered out before I go. My intention is to be away from the office from Wed Aug 2, to Wednesday, Aug 9. Upon my return home, orders will be filled in the order in which they were received. Message the Facebook page with any questions. Thanks!!

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Christmas Holiday 2022

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Good Morning Big Bully Fans, the cut-off for products to be shipped prior to my departure for the Christmas Holiday will be Monday the 19th at Noon PST. Please get any final orders in as soon as possible. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!

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GenCon- 2022

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Big Bully Fans!! I will be attending GenCon this year in Indianapolis IN. The shop will be closed from 8/1/22 until 8/9/22, the final packages to go out prior to my departure have already been dropped at the post office.If you too will be attending GenCon, and you see me, please stop me and say hi! I just might have some Big Bully Gaming/GenCon 2022 action tokens to give out. My intention is to mostly play RPG type games while there, but I will be around the main floor and...

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Merry Christmas (2021)

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Big Bully Fans!! Big Bully Fans!!As hinted at in my previous post on Facebook, the holidays are HERE, but I soon will not be.Orders received by midnight on the 15th of December “should” be shipped before I leave. Anything placed after that will be fulfilled in the order in which they were received once I get back.Everyone enjoy the holiday, be safe, eat lots, and have a Merry Christmas.

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Out of Town

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Big Bully Fans!! Good morning Big Bully Fans. I will be out of town (yes..again) beginning this coming Monday the 26th. My father (86) will be having Open Heart Surgery, and I need to be there. I am working today and tomorrow in an effort to get everything out I can out before I leave. The remaining orders will go out in the order they were received upon my return home. Thank you for understanding. I will be to be in touch if anyone needs anything, just PM the Facebook page...

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Summer Camp 2021

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Big Bully Fans!! Summer Camp 2021! Good Morning Big Bully Fans!I will be leaving for Boy Scout Summer Camp this weekend and will return on July 5th. Internet is spotty at camp, so I most likely will be out of contact. If there are questions or concerns while I am gone, please message the Big Bully Gaming Facebook page, and I will get back to you once I am off the mountain.The last day orders will be filled is Thursday, the 24th. Upon my return, all unfulfilled orders will...

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Summer Time – Vacation Schedule

Posted by on Jul 3, 2020 in Blog, New!! |

Big Bully Fans!! Summer Camp! I will be off with my Boy Scouts in Northern Ariziona for 8 days. I will be taking taking 16 Boy Scouts and 9 other Adult Leaders to Camp this year. We will be gone from 0300 on the 4th of July to the 12th of July. As of right now each and every order has been shipped. Anything that comes in after…ummm right now, will be filled as soon as I get back. During Summer Camp, I will have limited internet/phone/email; and will do my best to...

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Posted by on Mar 17, 2020 in Blog, New!! |

TL;DR- We are open. As long as I have orders, supplies, and my mail carrier comes and picks up your out going packages. Ok I have been asked a couple times if I am still open, and processing orders. The answer is yes, as of right now. I am located in Southern California, no major outbreak near me, and all is good right now. As long as my supplies hold out or I am able to receive re-supply (even Amazon is prioritizing shipments); I will process orders. However, some of the...

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Order Cancelled Glitch

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There is currently, and has been for some time; a glitch between by eCommerce platform, and PayPal. Both companies are aware of it, both companies are “working on it”, and both companies say it’s the others fault when I talk to them.So what that means, is when you pay for an order via PayPal, I have to go into the orders section and manually move the order to On Hold or Processing, which is no big deal. But if it doesn’t get done soon enough (if I am...

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