Order Cancelled Glitch

Posted by on Jul 2, 2019 in Blog, New!! |

There is currently, and has been for some time; a glitch between by eCommerce platform, and PayPal. Both companies are aware of it, both companies are “working on it”, and both companies say it’s the others fault when I talk to them.

So what that means, is when you pay for an order via PayPal, I have to go into the orders section and manually move the order to On Hold or Processing, which is no big deal. But if it doesn’t get done soon enough (if I am out of town, or you order late at night), the order will show unpaid/cancelled. That is the glitch.

Never fear! All is as it should be. If your PayPal account shows your order went through, I have your order. We are good, it just means I have not been able to manually update it yet. Feel free to email me, or message me through the Facebook page, to checkup on it; but nothing is actually cancelled.

I keep hoping one of the two companies will get this fixed, but so far, nothing.