Origin Story– (No, this will NOT change when they make the movie.)

  Admittedly, game designers have a tough time, not only creating something new, but then trying to anticipate the needs/wants of their players.  We as gamers are notorious for many things, topping the list are:

  1. Complaining/Arguing about the rules. (Be honest…you know you do it too.)
  2. Finding every possible scenario that the designers did not think of; and either exploiting it, or complaining about it.
  3. Saying things like “Ya know what this game needs?” or “Why doesn’t it come with…?”

  Now, I can’t do anything about (and may participate in) the first two things; but when I started playing a certain game, that we describe as “Chess with Super Powers” a while back, number 3 came out of my mouth more than once. That, I can do something about.

  The first set of Action Tokens I made was just for myself because…why not?  I was completely taken by surprise with the reaction from the folks I was playing with at my local shops.  I totally did not see this coming.  The people I play with began wanting their own set of the tokens, and then asking for their own custom sets too!  I knew it was time to take this a little more serious when the local shop owner (two stores), ordered a set of ~250 tokens to use as additional prize support.  Soooo long story short, here we are.

Me. Or is it us?

  Just in case anyone wonders, Big Bully Gaming is located in Southern California between Los Angeles and San Diego out in the desert.  I am married with three kids, three dogs, one cat, and a fish. 

  While working on a name for this new venture, the one dog that belongs to me, (simply because she chose me) was in her normal spot doing her normal thing.  That “thing” being sleeping and snoring on the dog bed in my office.  Her name is Helga, well…Helga the Horrible to be exact.  Named after Hagar the Horrible’s wife. 

So without anymore fanfare…the REAL  Big Bully.



If Larfleez had a dog.