The Big Bully T-Shirt and The Bully Wall!

The Big Bully T-Shirt and The Bully Wall!

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Looking good while you are gaming is not as easy as I make it look.  But never fear good citizen…I am here to help.

Big Bully Gaming T-shirts are guaranteed* to make you look taller, thinner, and just all around better looking.  Available in Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large (Adult Sizes only).

Hold on hold on…that’s right there is more!

Announcing the begining of our (soon to be) World Famous Bully Wall.  Getting put on the Bully Wall is easy…ohhhh so easy.  And I will pay you be a part of it…sort of.

Here is what you do:

1: Go buy a Big Bully Gaming T-shirt here.

2: Put on your brand new Big Bully Gaming T-shirt.  Take a long look in the mirror at the new and improved you.

3: Go game! Ya, like you needed your arm twisted.

4: Get your buddy/enemey/opponent to take a picture of you gaming!  (No video games, table top only!)  Cards, Mini’s, Board Games are all good!

5: Send me the picture of you winning your game of choice, (losing is ok too, no judgement here) and looking good doing it. Oh ya, you must be actually wearing the Big Bully Gaming T-Shirt. Email the photo here.

6: Remember when I said I would pay you?  Once I get your submission for the Bully Wall, I will send YOU a coupon code good for 20% off any single item sold here!

*Helga will be the sole judge of these type of things.  Her answer is final.

This is Helga.

This is Helga, and her word is final!

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